Friday, 18 November 2016

American Alligator Boots : Exotic Boots For An Exotic Mood

Fashion is an all round combination of dresses, accessories and boots, without even one, the combination becomes incomplete. Most of us enjoy this assortment whenever we dress up for any occasion, but there are some people who have a strong fascination with one aspect of their style statement. Boots of different kinds have fascinated men and women for ages, and when it comes to bringing a uniqueness to your style and body language, cowboy boots have always stolen the show.
American Alligator Boots
Today, styles haven’t remained specific to occasions. More often than not, one wears what one feels like, and this trend has gained momentum, obviously by the dressing habits of the Hollywood hunks and divas of latest times.

Suited for all weathers, exotic boots such as American alligator boots add a special spice to your style quotient and project an image that makes you stand out in the crowd. These boots pronounce strong attitude and the evergreen cowboy look. When you walk out of the door in these boots, a hundred heads would turn to get a second glance at the exotic style.

Other categories in this segment include men’s snakeskin boots, Black Jack suede caiman belly, crocodile cowboy boots, etc.  Available online, these can be picked after a careful look at the collection.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Basic Differences Between Alligator Skin Boots And Those Made With Crocodile Leather

Both crocodile boots and alligator skin boots are of an exotic quality. But they are much similar in texture and appearance which becomes hard to tell one from the other. The few basic aspects in which crocodile leather differs from alligator skin have been listed below:
  • The tile patterns in alligator boots are less uniformed, more scarred and with tiny, uneven lines that appear as cracks. Crocodile leather has a more uniform tile pattern as well as a distinct small dot on each tile.
  • If the boots are using the horn-back cut instead of the belly-cut, they become easily distinguishable in terms of material. While alligator skin has two horns in two rows, crocodiles have two lines of four and two horns respectively. These horns appear as small scaly bumps, not pointed or sharp but with blunt, low-rise edges.
  • Both the beasts have umbilical scars but in different patterns. In case of an alligator, the scars are webbed and elongated, running between the tiles. These scars look like a denser network of lines, running randomly, forming an indefinite shape. In case of a crocodile, these scars are not so prominent.
Both the skins are equally good in appearance and quality but if you would rather prefer one over the other, these basic physical differences would be quite handy.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Make Tim’s Boots Your Ultimate Destination To Shop Snakeskin And Alligator Boots Online

Gator Boots
Stylish boots are the requisite of every girl’s wardrobe! When teamed up with the perfect outfit, boots help in enhancing the overall appearance. So, if you are looking forward to purchase a few sexy pairs for yourself, make it a point to be clear about your choice in accordance with the clothing collection. Ostrich boots, western boots, roper boots, real snakeskin boots, and elephant boots are extremely popular nowadays. You too can buy one of these to expand your footwear selection in an awesome way. Other than the same, you can make a choice among smooth leather boots, hand tooled boots, stingray boots, etc. Irrespective of what you choose, don’t forget to prioritize comfort in the first place.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wear the Cowboy Style - Buy Alligator Boots

 Becoming a cowboy doesn't come easy, neither everyone can be one. You have to have a unique style about yourself to even think about becoming a cowboy. How easily you get along with animals is another criterion for becoming a cowboy? If you fear animals, you are out of the race even before the reckoning.

What you wear has a big impact on whether you are a good cowboy or someone who is just pretending to be one? From cowboy hats and jeans/trousers to especially made alligator or caiman belly boots, you will have to sport a complete different style to what ordinary people do. It's a choice you will have to make. Wearing those long alligator cowboy boots incorporating unique designs needs a lot of confidence that a very few have. Carrying the cowboy style isn't easy, not at all. However, when you will wear these boots and other cowboy stuff, you will feel like a different being from within yourself.

With everything being said, you can't just buy these boots from any other store. A store that serves a great variety and has been selling these for eternity should be your go-to destination. If you visit one of these stores, you will get these shoes at a fair price as well.